My husband was first cut from the needy list and unable to get a turkey that he had already qualified for consequently we had no turkey for Thankagiving. Then this new Mr Leiutenant Gonzoles fired my husband for leaving his worksite early with supervisors permission.

Clearly discrimonation because my husband is mentally ans physically impaired and this man clearly did not like him personal dislike from day one. Now we have no heating oil wth no job. May be my husbands last Christmas/winter. The supervisor had arranged to have red kettle taken and held behind desk and safe.

The store would not have held if prearrangement had not been made by supervisor. Salvation Army can be cruel and deny service if they take a peraonal dislike to you.

This new leader had already cut all previous workers pay by 50 cents per hour.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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Deal with it. I went without ANY heat, hot water, oven, and stove for over a year in a crappy p o s trailer.

I made it just fine and u can too. :)

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #755215

That's it, play the discrimination card. We didn't have turkey for Thanksgiving either.

We had left overs from the day before. There is more to this story than you are telling or that even your husband is telling you. As a whole the Salvation Army uses a lot of disabled people, they also use inmates. This time of the year they are so busy that they wouldn't fire somebody unless there is an extremely good reason.

You could go out and get a job, then there would be one person working. You have some growing up to do. To clarify things I am a beg defender of the disabled.

I have an adult mentally disabled daughter and another daughter has a disabled son. I also know a lot of disabled people.

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