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I was specific when i detailed the items for donation. The representative did not seem to care so i repeated the list because I knew they would need a large truck.

I have about $20,000 (retail) worth of items to donate. I had hoped to contribute to the community. What a shock when the driver told me that he has NO ROOM in his truck and can't take anything.

I called and spoke to a supervisor to address this. I advised her that they would lose business under the current business model and she showed no concern.

I am disappointed in this organization and will NEVER donate funds or items to them again.

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Troy, Michigan, United States #794815

The drivers are lazy ***. Will point out any minor imperfection of item to keep from having to carry it to the truck.


$20,000? Sure you did buddy.... What a

to Anonymous #773805

Yes, shocking that people have money and would donate items.

Your lack of class speaks for itself. God bless.



I as I stated, I called back and spoke to a supervisor. It was not a case of no room.

I was told they had no room because my items were not on the ticket. This is a customer service issue, not a driver dispute.

And it was not for a tax write off Sir, please do not pretend to know my business.

I sent the items to a church in Mexico, and received no tax credit.

Have a nice day Sir.

to angryinpoway #773789

So, one mistake and you decide to publicly smear a charitable organization. Nice.

Chantilly, Virginia, United States #773778

BFD. The truck had no room.

Did you make any attempt to rectify? I guess you don't get to claim this on your taxes then.

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