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I was referred to the Salvation Army by the 211 center for help due to temporary lost of income.After looking over the guidelines I did meet the terms to qualify.

I called and was given an appointment, I came in then was asked to bring a list of things back, which I did. But was told that I needed receipts of my pay, after explaining I don't get stubs...only checks from my employer, I was told to have my employer write out some form of receipt. My manager wrote receipts from my pay history and I took them and was told that would not work, that they will need something like an invoice if I don't have stubs so I went back and ask my employers can they print out my last 13 weeks of invoices, and they did. After all this I was told no that they will not accept invoices now.

Salvation Army called my employer themselves and they explained they pay us by check and there's not stub attached that we receive invoices as stubs or proof of pay, and they still did not accept. I feel this is wrong because I met all guideline on qualification and they wont accept my application based on pay stubs verses pay invoices which shows the same, which is proof of pay for the last 13 weeks. They were very rude and said they don't have time to go through this with me, that I either give them stubs or it's denied, then hung up the phone on me.

I work every day and take care of my two sons alone, I have been living where I am for the last 4yrs, I have never been through your agency but my job dropped hours temporarily and I got a little behind.I thought that was what the agency was for but it looks like they are helping who they choose to help however they choose

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Tacoma, Washington, United States #704996

As a former case manager at a Salvation Army, I thought I would mention that depending on what funds they assist you with, there are varying requirements that must be fulfilled and they do get audited.

That being said, that organization is full of racist thieves and is by far the worst employment experience of my life. I have never seen such rampant theft. I reported it continuously and was crucified as a whistle blower.

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