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I will NEVER donate to Salvation Army again! After waiting for weeks for their team to come pickup a beautiful, well maintained, 50 year old sideboard, SA refused to take the donation stating that the item didn't meet their standards!

Everything was fine until I told the team that it was very heavy and to be careful.

At that point, the man took out his phone and started taking pictures and called his supervisor. It was code for "I dont want to lift this item".

The piece is so nice that I could easily sell it.

And now I will. As my father always reminds me, "NO GOOD DEED GOES UNPUNISHED".

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No one wants that @#$#t... Millennials aren't for all that heavy "antique" crap and old gas turtles are trying to dump this mess on their kids who don't want it while they're trying to downsize.

Put it out for heavy trash. That's where that mess belongs..


#PettyMuch You're just made because you have to pay to dispose of your junk(whoops antiques) now.

to Anonymous #1575459

All that someone has to do if they want to dispose of their Junk furniture is they just need to put it at the side of the street and then somebody will come by and take it away for them for free. You could furnish a whole house that way, with free furniture that someone had put on the side of the road.


I knew some people who had made up a whole bunch of peanut butter sandwiches to hand out to the homeless. One Homeless Gentleman declined a sandwich, complaining that everyone always gives them peanut butter sandwiches, but they never give them anything to drink along with it. But I think that he should have graciously accepted the sandwich and then given it away to someone else in need, or saved it to eat the next time that he had some beer available to drink along with it.

to SalvationArmyFolksUngratefulForNiceFurnitureDonationsBeggarsCantBeChoosers #1575461

They should be given roast beef sandwiches and Turkey Club Sandwiches and Hamburgers and hot Dogs And Pizzas. And they should be given gallons of Sweet tea to drink with them. Also, if you could spare a few bucks, living on the streets is hard and scary and they could use a drink of the super-sized variety.

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