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I am 65, disabled, and am forced to work so I can eat. I had a bag of popcorn tonight for Thanksgiving because the Terre Haute branch of the Salvation Army failed to bring the meal they assured me they would.

It's not the first time and I'm not the only one. My 82 year old neighbor was supposed to get one too, but did not.

The Salvation Army is nothing more than liars and thieves; have taken my contributions for years and give nothing in return. They selectively pick and choose who receives assistance and I suspect the bulk of their donated money goes in their own pockets.

Review about: Salvation Army Donation.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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This is so unfortunate. I am sorry this happened, as it saddens me to hear of stories such as this.

You can always sign up for the meals on wheels program. I do realize some people cannot get out of the house. I myself open my home to quite a few of my elderly neighbors, and I take food to the ones who are sick and shut in.

There are also some other food programs that are non profit who assist in this areas. You can always look up the information online or in the phone book which a local food bank can assist in this area.


They are a dubious organization. I have had multiple relatives devote their entire lives to the SA and retire as majors with them, yet when I needed help, the SA would not even return my calls or emails.

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