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I do not know if I can post a photo of my tiny dog but he and I were kicked out of the Bellaire Salvation Army when, after all the harassment I had to put up with for some 3 weeks, and was three days from leaving when my car was fixed, for calling the cops on a supervisor named John yelling, cursing, coming at me with a violent temper with witnesses; and that is to say nothing of a basically similar attitude of another supervisor Pete who I had heard screaming at harmless defenseless senior citizens although I did hear and see him screaming at them like he was doped up, I did not hear, but tend to believe, he curses at them. What kind of monsters throw out a tiny dog; and by the way, do not care when the resident with the pit bull has red carpet treatment.

The man in charge, although some residents tend to call him the woman and his wife the man really calling the shot, is one Louis Patrick a.k.a. Major Patrick. I had to get dragged into a few of his lectures of right and wrong when his staff harassed me and I respected him for his ability to , SEEMINGLY, work it out and make all happy. He allowed more of it to happen, and while there I went to outside authorities and Major called me in again and played the same game knowing I was days from leaving when my car would be fixed; and of course after that they suddenly attack my dog to the point of threatening to put him sleep.

Then at 10:30 at night they invent a rule, where no dogs are allowed in the cafe area, but the pit bull is not told to leave. When I tried to calmly talk to John he became hysterical and did not like it when I said I would have to call the board of health. He got worse so I called the cops and while waiting on the cops he got threatening and coming at me as if to throw a punch. When I asked " are you threatening me ?" he stepped back and kept his big mouth shut.

I wish I could add that I witnessed it, but some of my witnesses have made comments of his drinking and other things on the property while on duty. They also had a woman doing illegal drugs in her room who was allowed to stay until she was *** enough to smoke a cigarette in the cafe area, and she got an extra day to prepare to leave. I only got told to leave immediately with my tiny dog, with no hearing that I was entitled to, and all this because I called the board of health which is my right. John crawled to the phone and called Major Nazi but my calls were blocked.

Ironically the wife, or as they call her behind her back, the husband, Norma Patrick, would not stop texting me and claiming she would not have thrown me out, but refused to tell me why her husband would not respond to me. She played innocent, like distancing herself from her own mate, and wrote she had no idea, so I reminded her they are married and it should not take much for a legitimate answer. When I posted a photo of my dog and wrote of this experience, she took me off her friends list on facebook.

It is one thing to sell god for a paycheck, but only a wild animal would put a tiny dog on the streets. For any who may write against me, well anyone can claim what they want when they wear kneepads for their friends, but meet me and my witnesses and paperwork, but do not expect the local press to ask questions or look at evidence and witnesses.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss poor customer service of selling god to make a buck. Salvation Army needs to read this review and look into the issue (if any) according to poster's claims.

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