I got a letter from my doctor stating I need bed rest for 2 days I submitted it to the back office on Wednesday. Thursday morning I did not hear from anyone regarding my bed rest request so I went to the back office inquiring.

Moments later someone came to me and said they have denied your request for the rest. I said what are you serious the man said your bed rest has been denied. I stayed it to Vincent you need to stop playing and I walked in the bathroom. Approximately 4 minutes to 8 Thursday morning August 18th 2017 Miss Edwards said to me you have an accident because you did not leave the building.

It is virtually impossible for me a disabled person to gather my stuff get myself properly dressed and washed to exit the building and do my bed and move my stuff away in 4 minutes. She told me I was exited. I then spoke to some woman in the front office about what was happening and what she found very very unfair she tried to alleviate the problem by making another phone call to Miss Summerour Miss Summerour refuse to retract her statement that I'm excited. So I left.

I call Salvation Army to speak to anyone about this matter I called the main number and was told by someone I don't know whom to come at 4 p.m. and catch Miss Summerour she should be there then I did just that. She made me wait for over an hour to speak to her about her exit decision. I said to her I just want to know why I was excellent because I just don't know why I was.

She came up with the whole crazy stories and said I signed the paperwork to stay in that day for seminar why did I go to the doctor. I told her that was a standing appointment that I've had scheduled for months. Then she said why didn't you give me the letter that you got from the doctor yesterday I said I did not see you so I gave it to the person that was in the office. Miss Summerour said I was there what do you mean I was not there I was there I should know in the summer I know you were not there I did not see you and she insist that she was but she was not.

So she went on on how when I need something or whatever I can find her and that's not the case because I've never had a reason to find her to request anything that was not automatically give it to me as a consumer.

Furthermore she said you went to the doctor to get this bed rest paper that's what you did and I said no I said you really need to think about this exit she said I'm not going to think about nothing you are exited then and I left and slept on the street. Iam suffering from chronic pains spawned from neck and back disc problems

Product or Service Mentioned: Salvation Army Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Atlanta homeless shelters are extremely busy, with people coming in and out daily therefore, you are not reassured a bed or place to stay on a daily base. Most people put on bed rest would of had a prior notification of this as well as paperwork to show ongoing and prior issues with that particular health problem.

You probably should of had your Doctor date what your health problem was and attention it directly to the person over the shelter. I pray all has worked out for you.


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