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I called to confirm the pickup of my parents' refrigerator donation and a few bags of clothes. The man on the phone was super pompous and arrogant after seeing the photos.

I understand the fridge ended up being subpar to their standards, but he continued to laugh about our attempted donation. I told him he could easily just say it wasn't in proper condition and not suitable for donation (be professional).

Instead he laughed and said "we are not trash collectors". What a ***.

Review about: Salvation Army Donation.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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It has always been my experience, that if you want to get rid of unworking appliances or furniture, that all you have to do is simply cart them to the curb. There are men who drive around in pickup trucks and pick up those nonworking appliances and either sell them for scrap metal of fix them.

And you would be surprised at the disgusting furniture that people will haul away from your curb.

Alot of times, folks will throw out furniture that has nothing wrong with it, but they are getting new furniture and don't want to be hassled with trying to sell the old stuff. So they consider it to be an act of charity to leave it out on the side of the road where a poor person can pick it up.


80% of the ppl who want to do good,just want their unsellable trash dragged out of their dirty homes and taken away. call 1800gotjunk you cheap ppl we are salvation not sanitation

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