The Salvation Army shelter in Hagerstown, MD discriminates against people who have disabilities. They threw a woman out, and her 4 kids, after it was discovered that her son, who has developmental issues, came in to contact with lead paint thats in the building.

The paint chips from the walls and shelves and spreads dust throughout. Well as soon as she brought it to the Majors attention all he was worried about was if she was going to sue them. The staff discriminates against people who have disabilities, have doctors notes or are sick. There is a staff member there that writes residents up for leaving a baby bottle in the kitchen, a child naked in the bedroom, or if your stuff is not put away in your room properly.

She does it so that the person gets enough write ups to get them kicked out. She has her favorites and its obvious.

I feel sorry for the people currently residing there. I see lawsuits happening in the near future.

Review about: Salvation Army Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

I didn't like: Lodgekeepers are mean.

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