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This the third time we go to Salvation Army: 4303 N Brady St, Davenport, IA 52806, 10 minutes before 9 PM, and being told by very rude employee that: WE ARE CLOSED! It was on only 8:50 PM when we got there!

Right after that we went to the food store that also closes at 9 PM, and we walked in and bought a few things and left before 9 without a problem. I don't know what's going on? That's really ridiculous.

We also go to goodwill in the same area around that time without an issue whatsoever. Please fix that problem.

We get off work before 9 PM and come here to shop on our way home.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I would never donate a dime to the Salvation Army after having experienced firsthand the bad way that they treat people staying in their shelters. they are running a business and they make quite a bit of profit and are supporting whole families on the salaries that they draw from their endeavors. And they are rude in the way that they refuse to accept perfectly good donations from people trying to help them.


Going to any business 10 minutes before closing is trolling on your part. These people work all day dealing with idiots.

The last thing they need or want is more idiots showing up at closing time. If you get off work with so little time between showing up and a store closing for the day, do all of them a favor and plan your trip for the time they are open and will be for a few more hours.

Think before you do ignorant stuff. You deserve to be told they are closed.

to 23502 #1563406

Are you one of those hillbillies running the store? I bet if you had your own business, you would let people in the last few seconds (not the last 10 minutes) just to spend a few pennies.

There are countless number of stores that close at 9 PM, no one would tell the customers we are closed 10 minutes before. I could go on and on, but you seem too stupid to understand anything.


I used to live in a house right next door to the Salvation Army in Parkersburg, West Virginia with my friend Ron and Carla and her sister Glayda. One evening Glayda looked out the window and called out "Ron!!

Come Look, We Got Some Couch Thieves!" and Ron went to go look and I went to go look as well, and there were two men struggling to walk across the street with a couch that they had just stolen from the Salvation Army Pavillion. It was hysterically funny watching them, as they would have to stop and rest because it was so huge and heavy. Often, when hanging out at the Salvation Army the truck would come to haul stuff to the dump that they didn't want, including lots of couches that weren't good enough. Once, Ron asked the Man if he could have one of the couches that was scheduled to be taken to the dump and he said that he could, because it was would save them from having to take it to the dump.

When Ron and his friend were carrying the couch back to his house next door later that evening, the lady from the Salvation Army office stopped him and made him put it back and threatened to have him arrested. So they put it back, and the next day we watched as the Salvation Army men loaded the couch into the truck to take it to the dump because it wasn't good enough.

The lady would rather have a perfectly good couch taken to the dump, than have a poor person make use of it. Eventually, the house was condemned and they had to move out and the Salvation Army purchased it for their own use.

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